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The PENTA™ method is a groundbreaking new approach to learning music.

We have removed the old, complicated musical notation and replaced it with an intuitive notation system that allows anyone, beginner or professional, to play beautiful music on the piano with just a few months of practice.

You can start learning and practicing with a standard 61-keys keyboard which is available at any music store.

So what are you waiting for? Read some FAQ below, and enroll for free!

Your Instructor

Yanna Shalev
Yanna Shalev

Yanna has been playing the piano since first grade. She plays in concerts, teaches children and adults how to play, but mostly, she just enjoys playing. Her goal - to have as many people play the piano as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous musical knowledge?
Not at all! Anyone with any level of musical experience can start playing with the PENTA™ method. There are no prerequisites other than reading English. The most important thing is your motivation to persist, play and progress.
Do I need a special keyboard or piano?
You will have to purchase (not from us) a standard piano or a 61-keys keyboard. A simple keyboard will cost about $100-200 and is perfectly suited for initial learning.
Why learn PENTA™ instead of using traditional sheet music?
PENTA™ is much easier to learn than standard sheet music. Learning to play will take you much less time than using the traditional methods. Despite its simplicity, the music that you will play will amaze the listeners.
Is the course really free?
Yes! Our courses are completely free now and forever. With the course alone, you can start playing and even writing beautiful songs using the PENTA™ language. We also offer songs and songbooks in PENTA™ format for purchase at a very reasonable price.

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